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Bringing decentralized finance to everyone

By bringing more fiat currencies into the Blockchain and by enabling a liquid on-chain Forex market. 

The Synthereum protocol

Jarvis Network has launched its first protocol, Synthereum, a collection of smartcontracts to issue and exchange synthetic fiat currencies (aka #jFIAT), enabling a fully on-chain Forex market.

Built with

Exchange jFIAT

Buy or sell spot or derivatives synthetic fiat without slippage through the Broker contract.

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Issue jFIAT

Borrow any synthetic fiat against any supported collateral at 0 interest rate using the Bank contract.



The protocol empowers anyone to build application and develop new use cases, facilitating the adoption of DeFi.

jarvis exchange


A decentralized Fx exchange to swap jFIAT with any other token. .

bridge wallet

Mt Pelerin

A multi-chain non-custodial wallet to buy and sell jFIAT with and for fiat.

Jarvis Reward Token

JRT is a multi-utility token which needs to be staked to leverage from its features.

  • Contract address: 0x8a9c...343a
  • Listed on various AMMs, IDEX and Bitmax
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Participants must stake JRT to govern the protocol and its treasury through a DAO.

Liquidity provision

Liquidity providers must stake JRT to align their interests with the protocol's.

Fee rebate

Traders must stake JRT to pay lower trading fees.


Staked JRT can be used as collateral to borrow jFIAT from the protocol.

The journey

Our approximate roadmap :)

Q1 2021

Release and security audit of Opatija: launch of Broker contract with USDC-liquidity pools. Release of Malmo: atomic swap between synthetic and non-synthetic assets.

Q2 2021

Release of Sirmione: borrowing synthetic assets from the protocol. Release of Antibes: scalling through EVM-compatible chains.

Q3 2021

Release of Talloires: support of multiple liquidity providers. Release of Bodensee: launch of pegged jFIAT (BGN, XAF etc.)

Q4 2021

Release of Umag: derivatives pools

Meet the team

We gathered like-minded people passionate about decentralized technologies.


Product-driven CEO


Lifetime learner CTO


Decisive Manager


Product Manager


Geeky UX designer


Aesthetic designer


Devoted community manager


Blockchain Engineer


Full-stack Engineer


Bossy Chairman

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