About Jarvis

Our Vision

Building a set of protocols and application to bring decentralized finance to everyone.
Synthereum, our first protocol, is the infrastructure layer underpinning an ecosystem which will allow anyone to access liquidity, yield and financial services.

Non-USD stablecoins hold the keys to drive user adoption and financial inclusion, but most of them struggle to attain the required network effect to make them usable, the biggest bottleneck being liquidity and peg preservation.

Synthereum allows for the issuance of stable and liquid non-USD stablecoins, solving the challenges met by other stablecoins thanks to fairly simple way: a capital-efficient on-chain Forex market.

Our Ambition

Eventually, DeFi wallets will use Synthereum as a backend to provide their users with a Revolut-like experience: onboard a user with their local currencies, and give access to payment, remittance, trading, saving account, and other financial services.